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Friday, August 6, 2010

Poetry Friday!

Happy Poetry Friday. Today I am sharing a poem written by my summer student and I told in the voice of a great white shark. We have been reading more about the great white this week and I having been watching some of the Shark Week programs on the Discovery Channel. Fascinating, but a bit too graphic for young children. Be sure to visit Author Amok for this week's gathering of wonderful poetry.

Many THANKS to Irene Latham and the Teaching Authors. I won two books this week!! I am so very excited and will be sure to blog about them both. So generous ~ this blogging community.

Great White Shark
By Hannah & Mrs. A.
I’m the king of the ocean.
I have been swimming in the sea since before dinosaurs roamed the earth.
You might see my dorsal fin out of the water.
I swim with my tooth-filled mouth wide open.
I am always searching with my huge bold eyes even when I was a baby.
My eyesight is excellent even in cloudy dark waters.
I have a super sense of smell.
I lurk deep in the ocean or shallow seashores hunting for my next meal.
I wear camouflage to protect myself from a few predators
But rarely am I hunted.
It’s true,
I’m the scary beast feasting on fish, seals, or other sharks.
That’s why I am the GREAT WHITE SHARK!

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