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Friday, September 17, 2010

Poetry Friday

“Things to Do If You are a Frog”
Set up housekeeping in our pond
Sun yourself on rock mountains
Resembling a rock yourself
Peruse the pachysandra
Or nestle down for a nap instead.
Leap into the pond when someone startles you
Or lurk in the rustling reeds
Ready to pounce like a wild cat in the jungle
Cast out your sticky tongue for tasty treats.
The master mosquito muncher.
Sing your song of summer
Serenade us with your quirky croaks
Until fall sneaks in and off you hop
Hibernating in deeper waters far beneath the ice.

I have had so much fun this summer watching and photographing the frogs that made our little backyard pond their home. It seemed fitting to try another Things to do poem modeled after the many mentor texts written by the talented Elaine at Wild Rose Reader. Head over to Wild Rose Reader where Elaine is hosting this week's Friday Poetry celebration. Thanks Elaine!


  1. "master mosquito muncher" -- LOVE IT!

  2. Ooooh, this makes me want to BE a frog! I love your repeated consonants in the various lines. I hope your year is off to a hopping start... Hee! Hee! A.