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Friday, February 18, 2011

Poetry Friday!

Earlier in the week, I mentioned my anticipation of extra reading time next week. We talked about making plans for time away from the school routine. Today seemed like an appropriate time to revisit stamina and voracious reading. Oh, we had a great conversation in the classroom today. First I asked for thoughts about stamina and gradually the conversation steered to reading stamina. As students responded, I recorded their comments on the Smart Board. Like that first cup of morning coffee out poured their responses. Tonight as I was reflecting, I wove their ideas into the draft below…a work in progress. Surely their revisions will be full of fresh ideas.
Devouring books
sharks scouring the shore.
Momentum growing.
We are hockey forwards
ready to score.
We are in the zone
lured and hooked
on just the right book.
We have caught the bug.
We’re addicted to reading.

Voracious readers
meeting new authors
discovering new genres,
exploring new places,
greeting new faces.
Expanding horizons,
Spreading our wings,
Soaring the skies.
Ravenous readers!

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