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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside!! Slice of Life Tuesday

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Brr, it’s really cold out. So blowy, so snowy, “so frigid that your nose hairs freeze” cold! So cold that we come home at night and hunker down like hibernating bears.

It’s been so wintry recently that we have not even been out on Fridays. Surely something extreme is going on when we break the TGIF routine. Oh how I look forward to the end of the week dilemma – where are we going for dinner? I am often the restaurant picker and I lean towards local, one-of- a kind establishments. Perhaps I have a future as food critic.

When the warm evenings return, the restaurant choice must offer outdoor seating. We have a couple summer preferences on the Finger Lakes. Actually, the most memorable part of these evenings is the “before- dinner “time – lingering over a cold beverage and an appetizer. For a couple of hours, it almost feels like we are on vacation.

My mind has been wandering to warmer places all day. Just like James Taylor sings… In my mind I’ve gone to Carolina…This afternoon, my mini -lesson on adding details and surprising description was modeled with a piece about the beach. I really am ready to stretch and creep out of our winter cave.


  1. I haven't quite gotten past the hibernating bear stage. Take-out is my favorite winter treat because I just don't want to move beyond my chair and comforter - maybe it's the dark outside! I do have a bit of Carolina dreaming going on however....

  2. I am weary of the weather too. Hopefully this will be the last round of winter and the weekend looks like temperatures will be in the 50's in my world. Can't wait!

  3. My daughter and I talked last night about how hard it is in this dark, wintery time to get motivated in the evenings. All I want to do is pull up a quilt on the couch and knit. Juliann @ nurturingcuriosity

  4. I was glad I didn't have bus duty last week. I must say, I did feel a little guilty watching my colleagues and the kids as they were getting blown around.