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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One More Excuse

Perusing the slices tonight, I am reminded of a writing distraction that I omitted last night – hockey. We are a hockey loving family all year, but the playoff season is extra special. Since April we have averaged three to four games a week. The couch is taking the shape of my behind. My school bag totes the same papers back and forth several days in a row and yes the pages of my notebook patiently wait for the words that I gather like scraps for a quilt.

Elizabeth writes about her beloved Bruins and so does the book making blogger, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord. I love her Who Am I Book? that she created about a favorite hockey player. There are so many ways to adapt this idea in the classroom. Perhaps a famous American, a book character, a getting to know you book in September, and so on. Susan very generously shares directions and ideas for making books with children. We are going to make accordion memory books in school this week and have made several Hot Dog books in the past. So many connections happening hereI best dive back into my school bag.

Happy Tuesday! Happy Reading! Happy Writing! Cheers!


  1. For you it's hockey, for us it's baseball. Everyone has something they get lost in... and it's okay.

  2. Thanks for the book making site. She has some fun projects.

  3. Hockey and school may be distractions but also inspiration for writing.
    Happy book making! What I like about Susan's book making is that she is environmental friendly and recycles materials.

  4. Oh my hockey loving friend, put the papers aside for the night and enjoy the last game. Have a wonderful time with you memory books. I love taking the time to capture memories at the end of the school year. Others memories always seem to trigger a series of stories...wonderful, precious moments. Enjoy!

  5. It seems that everything is a distraction for me these days. I'm hoping that reading everyone's blog will inspire me.