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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Slice of Life


Sparkling sunsets.

Crisp mornings.

Overflowing baskets.

Farmer’s Market.

Tomato slices.

Peach pie,

peach cobbler,

just peaches!

Zucchini, cucs,

green beans,

Big salads.

Buttery cobs.

Lunch dates.

Ravenous reading!

Classroom set-up.

School supplies.

New shoes.

New books.

Old books.

Favorite books.

Book baskets.

Lake days.

Kayak paddling.

So much to love!

So much to savor!


It starts slowly, but picks up momentum as August progresses. It's that exciting time for teachers. It's time to think about the coming school year. Summer slips away in August. The air has a different feel. Crisp, cool evenings and crisper, cooler mornings. The sunsets are beautiful, but occur much earlier than last month. But summer hasn't left us yet. There are sunny days to savor, a "TBR" summer stack to be read, lunch dates, projects. With a predicted high for tomorrow in the mid-eighties I can avoid the calendar and pretend that it is a lazy hazy July day! You will most likely find me lounging with a book in my lap, sipping peach tea, savoring summer! I'll go back to August on Thursday! Slice of Life Tuesday is at Two Writing Teachers amazing blog! I have thought about writing many times this summer, but have gotten side tracked until today.


  1. I'm glad you've been savoring all those wonderful things. Sounds like a terrific summer! I think being 'side-tracked' is rather nice.

  2. August is such a savory month, your poem and prose really have captured it.

  3. Each line brings a taste or memory to my mind, especially the peaches. Yum! Enjoy your pretend July day, we have temps in the 100's today.

  4. Your poem is a wonderful depiction of August. Keep reading and savoring!