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Friday, July 13, 2012

Inspired by Our President and 22 Fabulous 4th Graders

Happy Poetry Friday!  It's been a while, a long while since I have really joined in the party. I guess you might say I crash the party, reading and enjoying the poetry buffet. Hoping to find my way and add something to the party.  It's time to pass the poetry.

This week, I started to read Writing Toward Home by Georgia Heard. So far, her stories and lessons are giving me a nudge to grab my notebook and pen...
Put this with all the pleasure reading I have had the time to indulge in and I should be on my way.

The writing I share today is sort of a poem. My students and I loved the words in of Thee I Sing - A letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama. It became a mentor text for many of us. 
Have I told You

 Have I told you lately how special you are? How the sight of your smiling faces coming down the hall brings sunshine to the grayest of days? How the sound of your greetings makes me look forward to working together?

Have I told you that you are compassionate? That you look out for one another like Sistine and Rob? You offer a helping hand and encouraging words to a friend in need. You are gardeners sprinkling the seeds of kindness to make the world a beautiful place.

Have I told you that you are persistent? That your stick-with-it attitude will take you places?  Borrowing the words of Dr. Seuss, “Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” It may be steep, but keep climbing.

Have I told you that you are insightful? That you listen with your head and your heart wide open? You consider the viewpoints of others. You imagine what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.  You are understanding.

Have I told you that you are hardworking like the westward traveling pioneers? You wrote each day in March conquering the Slice of Life challenge. Your writing pieces are blossoming like a spring garden with beautiful words.

Have I told you that I loved being your teacher?
Have I told you that you were my teachers too? Thank you for a wonderfully memorable year. Your spirit, enthusiasm, and curiosity are inspiring. Keep wondering and digging deeper! You are ready to soar into fifth grade.

Be sure to enjoy your time away from school. Remember to take time to disappear in good books, record some thoughts in your notebook, and play lots of games too!

For my fourth grade Stars ~ June 19, 2012
                  With love, Mrs. Annello
Inspired by of Thee I Sing - A letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama


  1. What a great gift to your students!!

  2. Wonderful idea to use these sweet words as a mentor text for yourself & for the students. I love your poem-lovely to see right out there for us all how you feel. I imagine many teachers could write some of this & all the world needs to see it too! I wonder if your local newspaper would publish it? thanks, Theresa!

  3. Great stuff! I bet your kids loved this.

  4. Mary Lee, Linda, and Ruth,
    Thanks for your kind words. My kids did love this. They are really the reason I write and go public with it. I have learned the importance of walking in their shoes, that to be a better teacher of writing, I need to write also. My believe system has been certainly been strengthened and nurtured through this blogging community. :) Theresa