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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poems in Pockets

         Poem in Your Pocket Day comes just once a year and this year it comes at just the right time in the midst of state testing. This Thursday our school will celebrate poetry’s big day. Some students are choosing from poetry resources in the classroom, others are selecting pieces from their stash, and others are writing new poems just for the celebration. This is the chance to step back from the bubble sheets, put the intensity on the back burner, and…

Catch a breath of fresh air.
Spread some poetry love!
Serve up a smorgasbord of similes
A buffet of beautiful
A mound of metaphors
A pinch of this
A smidge of that
Whatever tips your hat
Or floats your boat
Spread some poetry love
Catch a breath of fresh air.

         Be sure to visit Poets.org website to find out how this day got started in New York City and how people across the country rejoice the power of poetry. It’s not too late to gather some favorite poems, slip them in your pocket, and put some smiles on faces when you share your selection.
         We read, write, collect, and love poetry all year long, but in April we bring it on with an extra dash of passion. Here is a sampling from a few fourth grade poets:

Just the other day
I was going out to play
Now I see the snow-
Spring's eternal foe

Just the other day
I felt the sunshine from May
Now I'm turning into ice
The weather isn't being nice

Just the other day
By Chelsea

How To Be a Dog
You run around all day,
You play,
You play,
You play!
You lay around in the grass,
And bark
When people pass.
You sleep all the time,
You make a crime.
And when it's time to go to bed,
You always want to get fed!
And that is how to be a dog!

By Jamie

In the universe there was a planet
                                                       In the planet there was a continent
                                                       On the continent was a country
                                                         On the country there was a state
                                                    On that state there was a town
                                                      On that town there was a school
                                                       In that school was a hall
                                                       In that hall was a classroom

                                                        Inside that classroom was a desk
                                                      On that desk there was a notebook
                                                      In that notebook was some words
                                                      In those words were some meaning
                                                     In that meaning was some dreaming
                                                     In that dreaming was a whole new world!

By Caleb

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  1. I miss Poem in Your Pocket Day from the years I taught in NYC. What a big deal it was there!