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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Need to Read

My blog has been dormant for a while now...mulling over some ideas to get me started again. For now in the spirit of literacy (my new position this year is ELA Academic Intervention), here is a short list of...

Three Books I Want to Read Very Soon

  • Falling in Love with Close Reading - I always trust book recommendations that I read on "A Year of Reading", a blog written by Franki and Mary Lee. Check out yesterday's post by Franki. The part where Franki discusses Donalyn's foreword that reminds us that we can teach our students to read closely AND to fall in love with reading--that the two actually go hand-in-hand resonated with me. When I hear the words close reading spoken with distain, I think what's the problem? After all we read to make meaning and closely reading elevates our understanding and enhances our lives as readers.  

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