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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cheers to a Poet Friend

I will be dashing home the next two days looking for a very special package. The Amazon box containing Forest Has a Song with poems by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, illustrated by Robin Gourley is on it's way! I may have actually ordered it twice, but that is even better, since I know how popular it will be in our classroom. Today I gave each student a lovely bookmark from Amy that features a poem from the book, with the promise that there will be more in a couple days!

I first met Amy three years ago when she presented at a Rochester Area Literacy Council event and ever since that wonderful morning, I have been a huge Amy fan. She has mentored around 75 fourth graders and their teacher in so many ways. The only thing better than having her blog to guide us as readers and writers, would be having Amy teach in your classroom. Her blog is that good! If you have never visited, stop reading this and follow the link to the Poem Farm.  Amy continues to give so much to enrich our literacy lives, so today I toast Amy from afar and celebrate this special day when Forest Has a Song is born! Cheers to author and illustrator.
The peeks that I have seen and the images on the book trailer are a perfect companion to the beautiful words singing on each page. 


  1. I love Amy's Poem Farm and read it pretty much every day. I got a gift certificate for my birthday, and am planning on buying Amy's book. It has certainly gotten lots of great press on the internet this week!

  2. Theresa! Oh my gosh! How could I have missed this very kind and generous post from you. I just came by to link to your for today's post with your students' work...and I found this gift. Many many thank yous to you. I do feel so lucky to know you from in here and to have met you in person too. Happy Poetry Friday, and thank you for all of your goodness to me. xo, a.