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Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Sampler

Yesterday I spent some time in one of my favorite outdoor spots. Since is always a good spot to hunker down with a book, I thought I might be inspired to write. I had every intention of sticking with the Poetry Month challenge...one thing led to another and I fell behind. The sights and sounds of this scrumptious spring afternoon got the creative juices flowing. Here is a sampler platter of poems to make up for some of my absences - most definitely works in progress...

Tap, tap, tap
A gentle hammering
A child’s toy
A creaky door
Branches in a breeze
Tracking the tap
That sounds like cereal crackling in milk,
There it is
That red headed suet snacker.


Bully bird
in your bright blue uniform
please go away.
For if you stay,
others won’t.
Your noisy caw and flapping jaw
dominate and
shout out a blockade
to smaller troops
that flock to safer stations.


Fire engine show-off,
Crimson chatterer,
Crisp chirps call out
Look at me
In my new ruby red dress.


Fuzzy buzzy,
Ball of fur,
Stopping at azaleas for a sip or two.
Bumble bee
Happy hour.


Lovely ladies
In yellow bonnets.
Some side by side like a receiving line at a wedding.
Others mingle in crowds,
Spring’s welcoming committee
So happy to see you are back.


You chatter, bounce, and flitter
Snatch a seed and go.

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