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Friday, July 16, 2010

Poetry Friday ~ If You Are a Friend

If You Are a Friend
Ask how a friend is doing
because you really want to know
Listen with your heart.
Give advice sparingly
for advice is like seasoning
and good cooks know
you can sometimes over do it.
A good friend knows that lending an ear
is often all that is needed.
Share a cookie for cookies can help almost as much as listening.
Surprise a friend with something you know she loves
or let her pick the game
even if it’s the same one all the time.
Have a party for your friends just for fun,
go to their parties too.
Be there on sunny days and
stormy ones too.
Find laughter in unexpected places
for I have often heard laughter is the best medicine.
A laugh with a friend
can surely help smooth
the bumps in the road.
A friend travels by your side
even when she is far away.
A friend is like a favorite song.
You will always remember the words,
but should you ever forget
a friend knows the same song by heart.

~ Theresa

Several times this week I found myself thinking of relationships/friendships and how critical they are to our existence. At a baseball game this week I watched 9 and 10 year old players sitting on the bench chatting, kicking their feet in the dirt, giving high fives, but not really worrying about the game, just enjoying each other. Working with a small group of teachers on science curriculum, a few whom I had never really worked with before, we accomplished a great deal of work, but also had some great laughs, shared ideas, and a sheet pizza on the last day. After less than a month into summer vacation, some school friends gathered together missing each other already. Tonight my husband and I will get together with some friends we got to know many years ago in cold ice arenas. Our sons no longer lace up their skates, but we continue to nurture our friendships. This weekend I am looking forward to spending time with our children and some family friends. Yes, we are blessed by the many relationships in our lives! My contribution this week is a tribute to friends near and far, old and new, each one a valued part of my existence. It also is my attempt to connect to this week's poetry stretch at The Miss Rumphius Effect by including a couple common expressions. Today's Poetry Friday is hosted by Heidi Mordhorst over at my juicy little universe. Thank you Heidi, I love your poetry.


  1. Oh,this poem is singing to me...tomorrow is my elementary school friend's surprise birthday party, and I have not seen her in years! Still, I think we know the same songs by heart (songs from GREASE, anyone?) This is a true poem.

  2. Amy,

    Enjoy the party. How fun to visit with a long lost friend. I love this kind of reunion. Keep singing! By the way I am pretty sure that I still have the Grease movie and soundtrack!


  3. Today I reconnected with an old friend I hadn't seen in 18 years, so your words resonated with me, Theresa. And I agree that cookies can help as much as listening!