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Friday, July 2, 2010

Poetry Friday!

This past year I was blessed with a hard working, reflective group of writers. One of their final writing pieces in June was an end of the year letter. Each student discussed something he or she was especially proud of, an area of growth, thoughts about hopes and dreams, best thing about 4th grade, suggestions, and so on. Many students reflected on their accomplishments in March’s Slice of Life Story challenge. My heart was bursting as I read about their pride and growing desire to write. A few students remembered one of my hopes and dreams was to work on my writing. They liked when I shared my writing pieces.

A common thread in their letters was a fondness of poems and pride for the poems they have composed this year. Poetry is an integral component of reading and writing in my classroom. Many years ago I fell in love with children’s poetry and continue to be astounded by the magical effect it has on a classroom community.

To celebrate my first time participating in Poetry Friday I am sharing a few selections from this year’s class and my farewell poem, “Remember.” Head over to the PoemFarm where Amy is hosting the Poetry Friday celebration.

“Red” by Brian
Red paint is often used for blood
‘specially on Halloween.
That’s not a very good role for Red,
I often think it’s mean.
But Red’s a boasting color,
Red shouts, “look at me!”
Red accompanies Orange and Yellow
On a bright, warm autumn tree.
Orange and Red are brothers,
Some very close family.
And while Orange takes an orange,
Red prefers a strawberry.
Some crazy, wacko people
Like to red-dye their hair,
But still, not just there,
There’s Red everywhere!
A Red apple, fingernails,
A Red umbrella with it hails,
When you’re hurt, Red is pain.
And at sunset, there’s Red rain.

Tree by Dassy
A seed, a bird who dropped it down.
It fell and plunked into the ground
It grows into a little sapling (it wants to grow
higher before it’s Spring.)
Over time it grows, it grows.
Into a really mighty oak.
The bird came back to build her nest.
She said: “This tree is simply the best!”

Cats by Emily

Cats are a purring love of joy
They bounce they pounce
They go all over the place!
they are like bouncy balls
Jumping all over ,
Climbing on the furniture
curtains too,
never stopping
They are curious creatures
Ah! Finally, it's nap time for
the cats.
Today was a fun day for cats
and they will do it again
tomorrow, as a daily routine!

Remember by Theresa
Remember when you first arrived?
One teacher greeted one student.
Then another and another
Until four groups of six had arrived.
We gathered together
a packet of seeds
ready to be scattered,
Soon to sprout, soon to grow
Into seedlings with great potential.
Each flower – unique and special
Nurtured and pruned,
Growing lush and full.
Glistening and glowing,
On sunny days and a few gray days too,
Bursting with knowledge.

Oh how our garden grew,
More leaves and buds
Scattered on stems strong and tall
Buds ready to burst with beautiful blossoms
Each one unique and special,
Together a blooming bunch.
A bouquet that will never wither
Beauty that will never fade
For soon the seeds will scatter,
And grow in new places, but
the 2009-2010 garden will forever
Bloom in my mind and sing in my heart.
Thank you for leaving your mark,
I will always remember you!


  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday!

    Poetry was an important part of my fourth graders' writing life, too!

    I just LOVE the final couplet of Brian's red poem!

    My farewell poem to my class compared them to a garden, rather than a bouquet, but still with the theme of diversity and growth and beauty.

  2. I love the lines "Red's a boasting color/ red shouts 'look at me!'"

  3. I too love the personification of Red and the "look at me." Thanks for sharing... I have learned more about poetry by teaching it than any other way. Kids bring a freshness to it, don't they. Welcome to Roundup!

  4. Theresa, welcome to Poetry Friday! Brian's "Red" poem is full of vivid imagery; I like red and orange being brothers. And thanks for sharing your expressive poem, "Remember," that you read when you send your little sprouts into the world.

  5. Congratulations, Theresa. You are a true inspiration!!

  6. Yea for all of the success you had with your students! That's wonderful to hear. Lovely poems too.