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Friday, July 9, 2010

Poetry Friday!

It has been a beautiful summer week here in western New York. While at times the sky has turned a little hazy, from dawn to dusk the sun has been shining. My kind of weather! The sky called out to me in many places this week. The theme for the Poetry Stretch this week at Tricia's blog The Miss Rumphius Effect is "The Sky is the Limit." Toby at the Writer's Armchair is featuring a sky a day photograph. While I love peaceful sunrises, beautiful sunsets, and starry nights, I love blue sky days the most!

Happy blue sky day and happy Poetry Friday! Please visit Carol's Corner for the poetry celebration. Thank you Carol for hosting.

Blue Sky Days

In every season
Find a reason
to listen
As our closest star
It’s a blue sky day
Come out and play!
Ski down my mountain,
Build a snowman,
Dive in my leaves,
Pick a plump pumpkin,
Walk the dog,
Plant a glorious garden,
Shoot some hoops,
Build a castle in the sand,
Toss a ball,
Stay away from the mall!
Take a hike,
Ride your bike,
Catch a fish,
Make a wish,
Pour some tea
Come join me
It’s a
Blue sky day.


  1. Theresa,
    Such a generous list poem! It is lovely to hear our sun inviting us out to for reasons in so many seasons (fun rhyme!) I love "our closest star" as host of so many natural and joyful events.
    Your blog is going to be a wonderful student resource should you decide to work it into your teaching.

  2. I love this, Theresa. I especially enjoyed the way it sped up toward the end. And the way you included all the seasons. So unexpected to hear a snowman in a blue sky day--yet just right.

  3. Theresa, I love the way you connected the blue sky to all the seasons with images that jump off the page. A plump pumpkin goes nicely with a blue sky. Thanks, too, for the shout-out.