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Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday Night Tradition - SOLS #31

Why change now on the final day of March? Once a night owl always a night owl…it might be nice to be a morning person. Someday perhaps I will greet the day a bit earlier and try starting my day as a writer, but for now I am a late night rambler.

Thursdays are okay, but Thursday nights are what I truly look forward to. Sure the weekend is on deck and this week did seem to creep on at a snail’s pace. For the last few years my daughter and I have a standing date to watch “our shows.” I am not much of a show follower except for the two we keep up with on Thursdays. We hunker down with mugs of fresh coffee and a little something sweet and for two hours we are couch potatoes. It’s wonderfully relaxing. We watch. We chat. We watch some more. Traditions with children. For me it doesn’t get much better than this!


  1. This seems like a slice to keep and read again many years from now. Not only a slice of a day, but of this time in you and your daughter's life.
    I, too, am a late night writer. Sometimes I think I should change, but so far I haven't.

  2. Like Becky, I really enjoyed what you wrote, and how lovely it will be when you look back and remember these times. My husband and I have tried to build in some TV time recently, so we each don't head to our respective caves and never talk to each other. We've gotten into some BBC-TV series, and really enjoyed them (streamed them down on Netflix).

    Happy Writing--see you next year!

    Elizabeth E.