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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Writer Emerges - SOLS Day 30

Few events in the classroom top the moment when a student finds his or her niche in writing. It might be a place of comfort, a favorite genre, a voice of confidence, or any number of triggers that give a student the nudge to see himself as a writer. Today the seeds were bursting for K. typically a “reluctant” writer who has been known to stare at a blank page for all of Writing Workshop. Even with an idea, K. had a pattern of brief descriptions followed by a claim that he had nothing else to write.

For the first couple weeks his SOLS fit the above pattern. Then little by little the stories started to creep out like a toe testing the cold pool water. Now I would say K. has reached a significant turning point with a distinct style emerging in his writing. He has the voice of a storyteller and is standing tall with pride.

We are turning to color for inspiration this week. Click here to read about 100 colors (paint chips) sparking 100 stories. Sometimes it’s the name of the color that gets the writing wheels turning. Today’s color, tropical lagoon, a beachy blue sent a story sailing for K. It was a snippet that packed a punch with sensory details, a line or two of dialogue and a Jamaican accent when K. read his piece aloud. You know “mon” it was an amazing moment listening and watching K. beam with pride as he shared his story today. K. learned that he really is a writer with something to say! And if you are wondering he did use “mon” in his story.


  1. Your piece captures the feel of emergence, spark, synergy and life. As a teacher of young children I don't get to have fun with all of the inspiring topics that you do with your age group. I love to hear about the inspirations offered to older students - like the color swatches you describe here.

  2. Teresa, What a treasure of words you have been building here...I am wondering if you are printing them or saving them in some way. Every time I come to this blog, I think, "Her students are so blessed!"

    If you would still like to link to Poetry Friday, just leave another comment, and I'll get it in!