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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Things to Do Poem

Things to Do if You Are a Writer

Jot down ideas
For ideas are everywhere.
Live with your eyes wide open.
Live with your ears wide open.
And most importantly live with an opened-wide heart.
Write often.
Try for a little bit everyday.
Read everything and read often!
Read like a writer.
Notice the small moments,
Taste them,
Smell them,
Feel them,
Hear them,
See them,
Savor moments big and small.
Write them down,
For you think you will always remember
And you will if you tuck them in your notebook.
Like a baby nestled in under a quilt
Your thoughts will be safe until morning.

Tonight I am posting a first draft poem inspired by Elaine Magliaro who blogs at Wild Rose Reader.  My students and I love reading and writing this type of poem. Watch for student poems coming soon. Happy Poetry Month!

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  1. Happy Poetry Month to you and your students! My second graders enjoyed writing "things to do" poems. I am so happy to learn that I inspired you.