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Saturday, March 31, 2012

March in Lines of Six

As I was thinking about possibilities for my final March SOLS, I was reminded of the SIX WORD MEMOIRS. My daughter introduced me to the six work mini memoirs last year. I recently purchased a collection of the one-liners that has been patiently waiting to be one of my mentor texts.  A blogger that I visited last night had a go with the lines of six. Tonight on the last night of March with the clock ticking, here are my six word reflections on SLICE of Life Month.  

Writer for the month of March.
A late night Slice of Lifer.
Looking for more writing time.
Learning more from other March writers.
Reading, savoring, commenting, here and there.
Trying to travel far and wide.
Inspired by this community of writers.
You have touched so many lives!
Frustrated when potential ideas fizzle out.
Practice what you ask of students.
Move on and learn from mistakes.
It’s true practice fosters improvement.
Proud of write-everyday student slicers.
Proud of my thirty one accomplishments> 
Eyes, ears, and heart wide open.
Wondering what April has in store.
A poem a day for thirty.
Let’s give it a go!

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.

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  1. I love your line "Eyes, ears, and heart wide open." That is what happens with slicing. I feel like I pay attention to life more than I did before I began slicing last year. I just found your blog today...hope you'll continue on Tuesdays. I'd like to read more!