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Friday, January 7, 2011

Poetry Friday!

I was anxious to try the Monday Poetry Stretch from The Miss Rumphius Effect. It only took me all week to come up with a first draft. The challenge was to write about things lost and found. Some of the lines in my poem titled "Hope" came to me while I was walking earlier tonight. Really my hope was to get home before I was frozen solid! Head over to Irene Latham's fabulous blog at Live, Love, Explore for the poetry gathering. Happy 1st Poetry Friday of 2011!

Where have you gone?
I know you’re here
Surely I’d recognize you.
Why did you have to go?
Please don’t stay away too long
or wander far from home.

Could that be your tiptoeing
in the hall?
Is that you whispering in my ear?
I’d know your song anywhere.
Was that you I saw blooming
in the meadow?
I knew I’d recognize
your smiling face.


  1. What a lovely and "hopeful" poem. :) I'm glad you decided to try the stretch.

  2. I often get ideas for poems or "write" rough drafts in my head when I'm out walking. I like your use of apostrophe...talking TO hope instead of about hope in your lost and found poem.