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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Slice of 2011

'Tis the season to set new goals, to resolve to do better, or to start fresh. I like Ruth's twist - she decides on intentions for the different areas of her life. Resolutions can have such a dreadful sound or invoke a feeling of failure when one knows deep down that often times our lofty goals are unattainable or so overwhelming that they are difficult to maintain. This realization, coupled with the lure of just the right word or words has nudged me to give it a whirl with "One Little Word" for 2011! After some pondering and tossing around a few words, I have chosen REACH. It is a good word for me personally and professionally. I have a tendency, especially during the school year, to hunker down in my own little world. In the fall, I thought more about balance and the importance of making room for all the puzzle pieces of our lives. It sounds like balance may have been a good word too, but I am going to go with reach. Reaching out more intentionally to others. Striving to reach students that may be particularly challenging to reach. Reaching out and staying in touch with loved ones. Reaching out of my comfort zone. Heading down some new trails. Paddling down some new creeks. Here's to reaching new heights in 2011.

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  1. Reach is a wonderful word, and you've shown us so many ways that you can do it. And you will! Wishing the best to you in all your reaching this year, Theresa.

    My OLW is "pour." Sounds strange, I know. I just wrote about it on my blog.