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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Collector or Pack Rat ~ SOLS 10

How does one know if she is a pack rat? Even after all these years, she thought it was simply some items she liked to collect. It's not like she saves piles of things because they seem like something could be made with them. Items like Altoids tins, empty thread spools, or wine corks. Hey, I've seen some pretty neat bulletin boards.

I actually made one! 

Right now it's the magazine collections that have me thinking it's time to take action. I have occasionally sat down with scissors to sift through a stack searching for snippets to save.  But some of my magazines are too precious to clip apart. I have every issue of Quilt Sampler magazine featuring beautiful shops, inspiring stories with accompanying quilt patterns. Thankfully it is only published a few times a year. I have also been dipping into my fabric stash limiting my purchases until I absolutely need supplies for a specific project, except for my current collecting: alphabet fabrics and batiks. What for, you might ask? Not sure yet. Just collecting!


  1. Collector, surely!

  2. Collector. As long as you can get out the front door, you are a collector!

  3. Enjoy collecting. From your post, you mentioned quilting. Have you read Otterslanding blog? She loves to quilt and participates on Tuesday's Slice of Life.