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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday at the Kitchen Table


A red rotary wall phone, a deck of cards, and nonstop eating - what do these things have in common? We spent the weekend visiting with my husband's family at his mom, Lynn's house. When we were first married (almost 30 years ago!), I asked her what I should call her. Her first response was, "Well,  I'm not your mother, so mom does not seem right." After a somewhat awkward discussion, it was decided - I would call her Lynn. She's always been a little rough around the edges and very set in her ways, but a wonderful lady nonetheless.

Back to the phone, the cards, and the eating. Lynn is a wonderful cook and loves nothing more than preparing good food for her guests. And like many homes, the kitchen is where most of the living happens. We no sooner have our coats off and Lynn is like an attentive waitress ready to take our order. Coffee, pastry, lunch, more coffee, snacks, later a pasta dinner and dessert, of course.  Her Italian cooking is top notch, the real deal. A jumbo pot of blazing red sauce with sausage, both sweet and hot; thin spaghetti, enough for an army; tossed salad; and garlic bread. We graze like cows and in between the chewing the cards are dealt, nickels and dimes are bet, and so goes the afternoon at the kitchen table. At one point the red phone rings, the caller is informed of the festivities and welcomed to join the party.  A classic day, around the table, in a kitchen that smells better than any Italian restaurant.  I must also add in a house with no Internet connection, hence the missed post yesterday.

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  1. Love this! You made me feel like I'm right there- The details you chose- your description of your mother-in-law (well, I'm not your mother…), and how she launches into waitress mode and can't wait to take care of all of you gives me such a strong sense of who she is. And I can almost smell the spaghetti sauce from here. Yum!