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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Table Talk ~ SOLS 9

The heart of our home.
This picture would have looked much different had I snapped it this morning. By the end of many weeks, our kitchen table is the keeper of piles: mail, newspaper, keys, and perhaps a baseball cap tossed there by our son, Nathan.  Both Nathan and my husband believe the chairs are really coat racks. Clearly, some tidying took place today.

I put away some winter quilts and decorations and decided on this hand quilted pinwheel table runner, a gift from my dear friend Nancy. Puttering around today I was thinking about all the living that has taken place around this table.  It's where we start the day with coffee.  It's the gathering place for dinner. It's often the game table. We have played heaps of Euchre games, Rummy, and Bananagrams. It used to be the homework spot. There may even be traces of children's hand writing etched in the wood. We made some fabulous crafts at this table. Decorated dozens of cutout cookies, sipped on coffee, toasted with wine, and slid over extra chairs when we gathered with our neighbors for Friday pizza night. We have often joked that sitting around the kitchen table is like Vegas. You can confide, vent, cry, or mend differences, but you always can trust that what happens at the table stays at the table.  Here's to many more memories made at the kitchen table.

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  1. I love, love, love the Vegas analogy! Perfect! Also am relieved to know that someone else's table is piled by the end of the week! Ours certainly is!
    Amazing how important that piece of furniture can be. We really need a new kitchen table, but I just can't stand to replace the old one. It has way, way, way too many memories!

  2. I love that you have a special place that is "like Vegas"! It's gotten me thinking about what that place might be for me. Interesting!