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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dozing Off ~ SOLS 16

We are half way through March. We have half of March left to go. Either way this month is marching right along. This afternoon I asked my 4th graders to reflect on the SOLS challenge thus far. I listed four questions on the Smart Board to generate some thinking. How is the SOLS challenge going for you so far? What new things have you learned about yourself as a writer? How are you growing as a writer? What areas would you like to work on as we continue with the March challenge? This has been a week of late nights for me. Burning the candle at both ends catches up with the night owls. Therefore, I am going to let these wonderings tumble around in my head. Perhaps a better night’s sleep will clear the dust.

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  1. The use of questioning is great. I hope your class is enjoying this SOL challenge. Love "tumble around in my head". :)MaryHelen