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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Story Tellers ~ SOLS Day 26

Doing some spring cleaning and trying to get a bit more organized...read an article this morning about discarding old books that got me thinking about what I might be ready to part with. Only thinking...I don't really believe it is going to happen. I am so attached to our books. Many of the treasured picture books are tucked away, waiting for grandchildren and a few are still standing proudly on our family room bookshelf pictured above.

You know the saying;

a picture is worth a thousand words.

Or the Rod Stewart Song,

Every Picture Tells a Story.

Think of all things

in our lives

that could tell a story.

Pictures, yes,

Many other belongings too

Have tales to tell.

A desktop,

a bulletin board,

a writer’s notebook,

a junk drawer,

an iPod playlist,

bookmarked websites,



a favorite sweater,

a backpack,

a purse,

or a bookshelf.


  1. Happy birthday! Loved your poem!
    However, having lost most of our stuff (many pictures included) in a double whammy of a flooded basement and a "fire related incident", I can tell you, there is nothing, but nothing that you need to remind you of your story but the experiences themselves...and family and friends...oh, and a blog!