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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking for Spring ~ Day 22

Just a week ago we were flirting with spring. Winter coats were traded for sweatshirts, bikes were dusted off, and balls were bouncing. Today the temperatures dipped and the wind whipped. I dug out my winter wear and bundled up. At least it was still light out and the robins were still singing with vigor, ready to welcome spring whenever she returns. I hope that these are hearty New York robins, for tomorrow they will be singing in the snow. My thoughts tonight had me playing with the words that were springing up. Here's my draft...a work in progress.

Spring please come back.

You stopped by,

But did not stay.

Where are you now?

We looked today,

Is that you hiding beneath that blanket of grey

that covers our sky?

But wait, there’s a familiar sound.

Aren’t they singing your song?

Surely you know the tune.

Spring, isn’t that your ambassador?

Perched on a branch

was a robin


and searching

and singing.

Perhaps he too

was looking for you,

the season he loves to serenade.

hoping to lure you back

with his song.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! I so agree with you! Right now I'm hearing sleet against my windows. With spring break next week I'm so wishing we were going somewhere. But I guess we'll just have to find indoor activities!
    I loved how you used the robin as your piece of spring. I can visualize the bird sitting and looking around. Thanks for sharing!