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Saturday, March 5, 2011

SOLSC, 2011 - 4 of 31 Slogging Along on a Saturday

A Soggy Saturday

What a soggy, gray day, but that’s okay with me. For weary New Yorkers, a muddy March brings hope and faith that spring is coming soon. Like a movie preview that grabs catches your attention, March blows in and shouts, “Hang in there, April is on her way.” Late this afternoon the thermometer approached 50 degrees and the rain died down to a drizzle. After missing our walk a couple days this week, my weimaraner and I were both feeling antsy. Since the air felt almost balmy I knew the day could not end without a walk. I decided a hooded sweatshirt would be enough to face the elements (or a hoody as the kids would call it.) I-pod on, hood pulled up and off we went. As Grace and I were slogging along dodging puddles and muddy snow banks, we heard familiar announcement from Mother Nature. I looked up to see v formation heading north towards the lake. Another sure sign that winter’s days are numbered.


  1. Sounds like a promising start to spring! Our rain turned to snow, but I have high hopes for the week ahead. Really, how much longer can winter last????

  2. Grace looks sooo cute! She's ready for spring. Your post wrapped me in early spring. I heard geese today too!

  3. I had a sweater day today too - a sure sign of spring's approach.