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Monday, March 7, 2011

SOLS 7/31 Walkin’ on Sunshine!

Surely, you have those afternoons when your stomach starts rumbling with hunger and you then realize that there is no plan for dinner. The last place I wanted to go was the grocery store. In fact, I knew when I saw the blue sky Monday that I wanted to dash out of school and to soak up the brilliance of the sun. Hmm...what sounds good? I remember a stocked refrigerator; there must be the fixings for something tasty. I pondered the possibilities as I was packing up my school tote with papers and notebooks to correct tonight. Pizza? Yes, pizza had definite potential.

By five o’clock, dinner was no longer a dilemma. The dough was kneading in the bread maker. A small container of spaghetti sauce was located in the depths of the freezer. Cheese, pepperoni, broccoli and spinach wouldn’t take long to get ready, but that could wait. The sun was still high in the sky. My walking partner and I were off. Oh, how my attitude improves with a good walk and some rays of sun.

“I'm walkin' on sunshine, woh-oh
I'm walkin' on sunshine, woh-oh
I'm walkin' on sunshine, woh-oh
And don't it feel good?”

By Katrina & The Waves


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