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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SOLSC, 2011 - 1 of 31 Getting Started

Happy First Day of March Slicing! Head over to the Two Writing Teachers blog to learn more about the challenge and to read other blog posts.
Excerpts from our Slice of Life class discussion yesterday afternoon.
“You mean we have to write every day?” R. squawked.
“How much do we have to write?” asked Z.
“Can we write about different things in one day?”A. wondered.
“Do we have to write about the same topic all month?” T. inquired.
This is just a sample of the plethora of questions that students rattled off after I went over the guidelines for the March Writing challenge. My students have written several Slice of Life notebook entries since the fall, so this was not a new concept. Perhaps it was the format…maybe the invitation was too wordy, too daunting. I must remember less is often more.
Along with the outline, students received a March calendar and three examples from my 2010 slices. I try to share a variety of my stories, my attempts, as well as the areas that challenge me as a writer. One of the major reasons I started writing was the conviction that it would help me to grow as a teacher of writing. I truly believe in rolling up my sleeves experiencing the things that I am going to ask young writers to tackle.
So I am feeling like this will truly be a challenge, but we are in this together, all 26 of us! Challenges are good for us. Challenges push us. We climb higher mountains. We reach new heights. Most students are at least semi-enthusiastic. Some were very excited and a couple are just plain dismal…”I can’t do this.” No way, I’ll never make it.” I tried to recognize and acknowledge their concerns telling them that many times in life it is the experiences that we dread that turn out to be the most rewarding.
We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Questions may keep blowing in like blustery March winds, but writing is kind of like the weather in Rochester – unpredictable, ever changing, and sometimes quite surprising! And I must remember that it is good to question. After all I encourage a wondering way of life.


  1. You're right, March is a fitting metaphor for writing, making it a perfect month for the SOLSC. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I admire your having your students join you in the March challenge. Hope they experience the same growth I feel each time I try this.

  3. Challenges are good for us. I'm glad you are encouraging your students to join too. I'm looking forward to slicing through March.