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Friday, March 4, 2011

SOLSC, 2011 - 3 of 31 Power Shopping

Power Shopping

How quickly can one spend $100.00? An on-line purchase can happen in a flash…a click or two, an account number, an expiration date, a three digit code, click, click and an order has been placed. Sitting in comfy sweats with a steaming mug of java money can slip through your fingers.

The scene was not this cozy today. Walk students to lunch. Slip on coat. Sign-out at the office counter. Dash out the door. Thirty minutes later with $138 in groceries tucked in my trunk I was darting in the door. I was surely not a pretty sight blasting up and down the aisles grabbing my groceries. Cutting it oh so close, too close, I arrived back just in time to gather my class in the cafeteria. I try not to run errands too often on my lunch, but after school was going to busy with a meeting and another stop to make on the way home. It’s not that oh so precious, refreshing block of time laughing with co-workers in the faculty room. However, as I drove home this afternoon I was oh so glad that I could cruise right past the grocery store.

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