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Friday, March 4, 2011

SOLSC, 2011 - 4 of 31 My Reading Self

I have been talking to my 4th graders about knowing yourself as a reader; knowing how to create the best conditions for getting in the zone with your book; falling in love with books, getting to know the book characters, and the authors that create the stories. Last fall I read about several bloggers that were reflecting on themselves as readers. Franki who blogs at “A Year of “Reading” is working on “100 Things about Me as a Reader”. Her blogging partner, Mary Lee is doing the same. I loved reading their list and this is what I have come up with so far:

1. Realistic fiction is my favorite genre – hands down.

2. I love to talk about books.
3. I have heaps of books.
4. I love to buy books.
5. I also am fond of going to the library to borrow books.
6. I read book reviews wherever I find them, in the newspaper, magazines, blogs, etc.
7. My book club forces me to expand my reading horizons.
8. I love anything by Sharon Creech.
9. Jack from Love that Dog and Hate that Cat is a great character.
10. Realistic fiction with strong, developed characters is a critical part of a book for me.
11. I remember loving Judy Blume in junior high.
12. This quote is totally true – “Don’t judge a book by its movie.”
13. The book is always better.
14. Rarely do I read the book if I see the movie first. Example, Marley and Me.
15. I buy loads of books; too many.??
16. The majority of my non-fiction reading is related to teaching.
17. I read a lot of blogs.
18. I love to learn about authors.
19. I love to meet authors.
20. I love magazines- quilting, gardening, home, educational.
21. At the beach or other public places, I am a book stalker, spying on other readers trying to see the covers of their books.
22. I recommend books, sometimes without even being asked.
23. I like when people suggest books for me.
24. Authors’ names are often easier for me to remember than my neighbors’ names.
25. I love book stores.
26. Libraries, too.
27. Trying to go more often.
28. I miss snuggling on the couch with kids and books.
29. I am so pleased that our daughters are voracious readers.


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  1. I have so many connections here. Love Sharon Creech. Buy too many books. Sitting on the floor in the library as I thumb through a section is a favorite pastime. Most of my non-fiction reading is also teaching related.

    Here is my Things About Me as A Reader post.
    Happy Slicing,