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Monday, March 14, 2011

Reading, Listening, and Remembering

I continue to weave reading like a writer and reading like a teacher of writing into my personal everyday reading. I guess I have these ideas tucked in my pocket in case I need them when I set my book aside. We watch a lot of hockey at my house. (It all started in ice rinks cheering for our favorite hockey player featured in this photo.) Now we are avid Buffalo Sabres’ fans and are well acquainted with the regular announcers. One in particular has this dominant voice and catches my attention with the phrases he uses to describe the plays. Recently, I noticed he has been using a new verb phrase. A play by play segment may sound something like this, “Buffalo needs to move the puck. Their opponents have them hemmed in their end for too long.” Hemmed in is simple, but a great way to describe the scene. I notice meteorologists have a similar way with words. They must be good writers too!

The more I think about writing, the more I am noticing language. Hmmm…this must be living with your eyes and ears wide open.

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  1. Wonderful--that bit at the end about noticing language is so true. You've described exactly what we mean when we tell kids to live with their eyes and ears wide open.
    Isn't it fun once you start noticing these things?