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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Spring Song SOLS 15

My grass is green

My sky is blue-

I sing a song

Of spring for you!

A quote from Sunflower Houses Sharon Lovejoy

This afternoon I could not wait to scurry off on my walk with Grace. The sun was shining and the thermometer read 50 degrees. Neighbors were out to celebrate this slice of spring. A little girl from school ran out to greet me shouting, “Look Mrs. A. I have only short sleeves on!” And oh the twittering robins! Today was the first I noticed their chatter and I was immediately taken back to the above verse from a gardening book my kids and I enjoyed many moons ago. You can learn more about Sharon Lovejoy the author, illustrator, gardener, and more at her website and blog. Happy Spring!

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