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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Birthday Slice

What a fitting way to end my birthday – with a conversation with my beloved mom. Really once you have children their birthdays become much more special. So I know why her gifts always arrive on time and she always calls on birthdays wishing we could have spent the day together. In July, mom will celebrate her 70th. I would like to plan to make it memorable for her.

My husband and daughters took me to dinner tonight. Each of the girls spoiled me with treats that they knew I would love, but really it’s the gift of time. I know it’s corny, but whenever they ask what I would like I respond, “Your presence is my present.” I have an IOU from my husband for kayaks, YAY!. If we have to grow old, how blessed we are to have loved ones to share the journey and build the memories together.

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