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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Early Bird Special

Shoppers know the best deals are found at early bird specials. The northeast is currently enjoying an early bird special in the weather department and oh what a deal. Delirious students blast out the doors gasping for fresh air. I almost trip on a stack of coats that are being shed like snake skins. The balls have lost a little of their bounce and roll straight for the mud, but no one really minds. Footballs are hurled to and fro with an occasional miss that also ends in the muck. Tiptoeing and stretching carefully, a brave soul has retrieved the ball. Jump ropes are twirling with catchy jingles in the background. Here and there a few quieter kids pair off for a relaxed stroll in the sunshine. Teachers mingle trying to chat a bit while keeping an eye on the early birds. What a great March bargain ~ I’ll take it!

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