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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going for the Gold Slice 16

I am posting a slice I originally wrote on February 24th when I was introducing slice of life stories. I had first introduced the idea the day before. We did a quick write about our day filling in a 3x5 card with one thought leading to the next. I was hoping that this would help demonstrate the idea that any little moment could lead to a Slice of Life Story. That night I was watching the Olympics, the song below inspired the following slice. After reading Ruth’s slice “My Playlist” I was thinking of the power of music and how writing inspiration is all around us, if we live with our eyes and ears wide open.

“Going for the Gold”
by the Canadian Tenors
“Your moment is here
Set aside your fears
For it’s time to make
It through the
Finish line.”

This was part of a song that accompanied a recap of Olympic highlights (I am fairly certain that I have the title and musical group correct.) The film clips featured the joyful reactions and pride of the athletes at the finish line. The finish line for hockey is the goalie area where teammates gather for hugs, high fives, and head taps. For figure skaters, perhaps it’s the final spin. I’m not really sure. The events are engaging and exude high levels of heartfelt emotion and energy.
As my daughter, Lys and I chatted about the excitement, we spoke of the high level of commitment. These athletes play their hearts out. They bring their A-game. They go for the gold. They reach for the stars. Shoot for the moon. Follow their dreams…
As I continue to live by these same principles and strive to model and instill a strong work ethic in my students, my dream is that they will go for the gold. In March, will the Slice of Life Story challenge inspire our writing lives…I can’t wait to slice into the pie and celebrate new discoveries! The sky is the limit! Dream big!

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