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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Excited About Teaching Slice #3

Today my life was enriched by two future teachers. This morning, we welcomed an enthusiastic education, major I’ll call Kay, who will be completing 50 hours of field work in our classroom. This is my first experience working with a college student, but seeing I am in my ninth year of teaching I feel like it’s my turn to give back to the profession. Well, already I can see that my students and I will clearly be the receiving end too. Kay clicked with the children in a warm, natural way. The little bits of time her and I had to chat was ready to soak it all in like a giant sponge.

My oldest daughter, Lys is so close to being a teacher she can taste it. Soon she will be finishing up her first student teaching placement. I know I am maybe a little biased, but Lys is a natural teacher. Her reflections are insightful, she notices things, understands children, and her enthusiasm is so inspiring to me. I love sharing our school stories at the end of the day. Tonight Lys is getting her plans in order for a writing lesson that her college supervisor will observe. It sounds engaging and balanced with the components of a great lesson.

Thanks ladies for making my day!

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