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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Browsing for Books

Our daughters love children’s literature as much as I do and are excited to fill their bookshelves. Of course I am delighted that we have this common passion. Our oldest daughter, Lys already has a knack for selecting just the right book for her student teaching lessons. Her younger sister, Katie creatively incorporates picture books as part of her occupational therapy sessions.
This afternoon, we headed out to take advantage of Educator Appreciation Week at one of our favorite bookstores. If you have one nearby it’s worth a visit during this event. We picked up lots of freebies – calendars, posters, bookmarks, literature guides, small books, cookies, and samples of a delectable coffee drink. For the next hour or so we browsed- first in new adult fiction where I started gathering titles for summer reading. Then we trotted over to the children’s area to peruse the selections. This is where we really had fun. We volleyed back and forth with “Hey this looks good” or “Read this one, I love it!” At one point I had several books that I was not familiar with found a sitting spot and determined that most of these books needed to go home with us. We worked our way to the line, each with a few treasures, although my treasure was walking by my side.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful outing. Thanks for taking us along, and congratulations on appreciating it, especially your treasure by your side. That's such a nice expression.