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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slice #24 Only One More Week...

“Hey, we only have one more week in March,” commented several students as they were stamping their calendars. I am so glad that I decided to give this project a whirl. Each morning at arrival time students are eager to show me their notebooks and record their accomplishments with a stamp on individual calendars. About half of my 24 fourth graders are on the path to 100% participation for the month of March. Certainly, we can celebrate increased interest and excitement to nourish our writing lives.
One frustration I have is the struggle to read all of their slices. Or is that even a realistic goal? My quest to improve writing instruction seems to be a journey with no end in sight. I suppose that is not necessarily a problem. As teachers, we really are life-long learners on the prowl for new and improved ideas. What is the best plan for a routine that includes a conferencing schedule and better/timely feedback for my students? I have experienced the value of feedback as I receive comments from my fellow slicers. The sense of community here at Two Writing Teachers is powerful and motivating. I also feel like I am developing a better understanding and appreciation for the struggles of writers.
The slicing project and the conversations that it has generated in the classroom have also enhanced our classroom community. Students are taking new risks, seem to feel more positive about writing in general, and are excited to share their writing. This week, my glimpses into their writing have also led to some new mini lessons on voice. More thoughts later in the week…

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  1. I struggled to get all of my students' slices read in the mornings. I usually skimmed in the mornings and read each one closer during their weekly notebook checks.

    Hooray for their enthusiasm!