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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slice 30
Like most school districts ours is facing the possibility of many lost jobs. The board hosted a community forum tonight and offered individuals the opportunity to share their thoughts. A large number of teachers and other staff members were in attendance with 50 or more signing in to have up to three minutes at the podium. I was impressed with the outpouring of support for the work we do with children. Many brave students spoke quite eloquently about their experiences and concerns. Our hearts were moved and many eyes glazed over listening to the stories they told about the relationships teachers, counselors, and coaches have built with them. I certainly would not want to be in the shoes of our superintendent and school board as they surely can’t escape the reality of proposals that have a significant impact on human lives. We have staff that cares deeply about children and children that are truly connected to the adults that are devoted to helping them meet their potential. Here’s to the hope that we can listen and learn and remember to put children first.

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  1. Why is it so hard for educational institutions to remember that the children are the reason for the existence of schools (not the administrators, and not the teachers)? I am glad you got some confirmation of the good things being done.