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Saturday, March 27, 2010

slice 26 Friday Nights

I feel like a student turning in a late assignment. So….here’s my story ~ like most Friday nights, we went out to dinner. We rarely go out during the week, especially in the winter months, but come Friday it’s either order pizza and wings or head out for a bite. Last night after perusing around for something different, we decided on a new venue. I remembered reading about the old firehouse that was renovated and opened in the fall. Their menu was posted on-line and looked inviting. Not only do I love going out to eat, I also love to try somewhere new and support the business venture of a local person. When we arrived, there was a 45 minute wait. No problem, pager in hand, off to the bar we went. This actually is my favorite part of an evening out – the lingering, chatting, anticipating, people watching, sipping wine time. The waiting time is even better when the outdoor dining season begins. Once the locals open up their decks and patios, the prerequisite of restaurant selection is, do they have outdoor seating? Our hungry companions spotted a couple finishing up at a pub table, therefore our wait was much shorter than originally expected. We started off with delectable artichoke spinach spread on French bread – a double serving and wine would have sufficed as dinner for me. However, we ordered and our dinners were quite tasty. The bonus for me is salad and leftover chicken for lunch today – yummy.
Still I haven’t really explained the reason for my delinquent post. Two glasses of wine at dinner and a seat on the couch when we got home was like a lullaby for a sleepy baby. Laptop settled on my lap of course, the plan was writing before snoozing. It didn’t happen. One of these days the laptop is going to roll off my lap! Cheers to Friday nights!

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