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Saturday, March 6, 2010


TGIF ~Thank god it’s Friday. Started the day off on the wrong side of the bed and I am ending it frantically trying to complete today’s slice. I made the mistake of dozing off for a bit. My husband and I stopped picked up a pizza on the way home. So we then settled down to watch the hockey game while we ate. I made it through a period and maybe half of the next one. I find Friday night’s I am often wiped out. Perhaps burning the candle at both ends has caught up with me. Speaking of that, I am planning an early start tomorrow since we are expecting another sunny day. Today was a gloriously sunny day that was screaming spring. Several students wrote spring poems this week. One in particular was very clever. The title alone Winter Chasing Spring really fit the weather we are having this week as the snow from last Friday quickly melts. I am working on one titled spring is Knocking on Winter’s door. Friday may have started on a bumpy road, but as I reflect on the week I am so very proud of my students’ participation in the SOLS challenge. I think most will write this weekend even though the weekends are optional in our class. I can’t wait to find out. Not only do we have a rapidly spreading case of Spring Fever we have the writing fever!

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