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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 4 Slice of Life

I was especially proud of two of my students today. Neither are the “stars” of the classroom, but more like slow, steady turtles –and today I know they were glowing like candles on a birthday cake! Do I recognize this often enough?
The first moment was during reading, I was working on mid-year reading assessment with a Kaleigh. She soared through the first one with excellent accuracy and solid understanding. On to the next level – no problem. What pleased me the most was how hard she worked and how at ease she was previewing the cover, wondering, and thinking out loud. The formal running records do not solicit these behaviors from readers. Kaleigh very confidently and smoothly read the passage. Throughout the comprehension discussion, she looked back in the text for passages of supporting evidence, yet another solid behavior that the administrator can not encourage. In October grade levels met to discuss the results of our most concerning readers. When we get together next week, I will proudly share Kaleigh’s story of growth!
Working with Andrew during math today reminded me that each student progresses at his or her own rate and baby steps need to be celebrated. Numbers often do not make sense to Andrew, but he works hard and has been making steady progress. Today students were playing a game called Close to 1,000. I was working with a small group that included Andrew. After a few turns I sent one student off to another group as he was ready for the independence. The other two boys and I continued together. I was so proud of his efforts and attention to detail. The numbers were making sense to Andrew today and he too shined with pride, priceless!

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