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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Few Things to Say On Monday! Slice 15

I have just a few things to write about as I am posting dangerously close to 11:59...It’s official. Winter is over now that I have finally tucked away the last snowman of my collection. Clearly I am way overdue at this task. And I definitely welcome the tidier look and feeling of spring. Less clutter, lighter, brighter colors, and flowers on the table. Yes, when spring fever sets in, fresh flowers are soothing like chicken soup. The only way to keep the fever in check is to keep bouquets in the house until there are flowers in the garden.
The urge to get organized is also nagging at me. Starting tomorrow I am going to try some of Ruth’s suggestions from her post last week, titled “Take a Few Minutes to Organize.” I especially loved the suggestion to set a timer for certain tasks breaking the big daunting job of organizing into manageable pieces. I know that inside of me is an organized person dying to get out. Is this person also the one that needs a bit more sleep? Are really organized people morning people? Or do they burn the candle at both ends? Probably not…that usually describes me and I have already shared my need for more order in my life. Enough said!

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  1. From a fellow late poster...I can so identify with the wish to become more organized. I'll keep chipping away at it or try to become more at ease with myself.