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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Slice #7 Blogging Detours

Well I do love reading all the slices and as often happens, I ended up on a detour or two. It is so interesting to check out the other blogs that the slicers are following. It is comforting to see that many of us share similar challenges with students, families, health, exercise, etc. and balancing it all. I am like the moose and the muffinone click of the mouse gets me further from where I started.

I am an avid reader and there are so many good books to read. I have a stack to read for pleasure and a constantly growing tower of books that my students are reading. My daughter was surprised that I haven’t read all the books in my classroom libraryI wish I could keep up, but I can’t resist adding new ones. Next week, we have a buy one get one Scholastic sale at our school. Irresistible! The number of incredible blogs devoted to children’s literature blows my mind too. I think that I am most amazed by the time people devote to sharing their expertise and passions.

One of my detours led me to fabulous blogs and websites about quilting, another passion of mine. As much as I love perusing all these blogs, this week I need to spend some time each evening in my sewing room. I know I feel much better after cultivating my creativity.

More thoughts on balance in a future slice.

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