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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crazy Turned Scary

This night could not get any more…hmm… I guess crazy would be a suitable word.  After an extremely long meeting at school tonight, I am settled down to do a little writing before calling it a night.  Pajamas on. Contacts out. A beverage by my side.  Laptop signed on. And of course, the dog needs to go out. Sit back down read and comment on a few blogs. There are a couple ideas swimming around in my head, but I am not quite ready to write. It’s been several minutes, where is Grace. She should be back by now. Up again. Look out back. No signs of the dog. Walk out front. Nothing. Check the back deck. She must be around the side where I can’t see here in the dark. Oh no, the doorbell rings. My heart is in my throat. Something is definitely wrong. I’m the only one up. I have to answer the door. There stands a woman and her car is in the driveway. Oh no, Grace was in the road and she didn’t see her. No, no, no, Grace is at her house. She lives two houses behind me and our dog is on her deck. Her daughter recognized Grace. They didn’t have our number, so she drove down. Even with the full moon, our neighborhood is very dark. Grab a flashlight. Slippers off. Sneakers on. I creep through the back yards calling out to Grace. No response. Even as I got right beside the deck, she could not hear me. When she finally seemed to recognize me, we headed home. This is not the first time I wish Grace could tell me what happened. Did she chase the deer that was in their yard? Did she think she was home on her own deck? She didn’t even seem glad to see me. Just very disoriented like a person with dementia. A crazy night has turned into a scary night.  Also a night of thankfulness for good neighbors. 

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  1. OMGoodness, how terribly scary. I have a husky who has gone of a few nightly escapades that put my heart in a panic. I am so glad that your furry one is safe and at home...and that your neighbors recognized her. I hope that the disorientation is just a temporary problem.