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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunshine Inspires Hope ~ SOLS 17

Hope: a little word that holds so much promise. With Mother Nature’s gift of sunshine and warmth, I feel extra alive. It was a day to embrace, to fill your lungs with fresh air; a day to believe that anything is possible. A day to feel extra hopeful.

A box of inspiring quotations of hope ~ a gift from our daughters.
They said they're like the little notes you used to
put in our lunch boxes. :)
tuck a little 
in your pocket.
a bit more
in your heart.
don’t let go.
the path
that inspires


  1. What a sweet memory you shared along with meaningful words.

  2. Hope: a little word that holds so much promise. - That's my favorite line. It is true. As long as there is hope, we can be triumphant.

  3. I will be remembering to tuck a little hope in my pocket tomorrow when I climb out of bed. I will give Husband and DD a little in their pockets too. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Apart from the sunshine and its warmth, I get a strong sense of optimism from this piece. Hope is essential to the human spirit. Your word embody that.

  5. Thanks for your nice comment about my poem, Theresa. You're certainly welcome to share with your students. This time I had to do some research about penguins to be certain I was right in remembering what I thought I knew. I love this slice, & considering my slice for Sunday, reading yours is a nice support. I love the little gift your children gave you & that they connected to the lunch box notes you gave them. Such love!