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Monday, March 19, 2012

SOLS 19 ~ Hello Spring

March Slice of Life Writing Challenge

Earlier today, I was sorting through some bookmarks on my computer. I had flagged a Tuesday Slice of Life Story written by Ruth Ayres. Her post from November 1st, “Hello November” was a poem that Ruth had modeled after Goodnight Moon, a classic children’s book by Margaret Wise Brown. I loved the idea and tucked it away for future inspiration. Ruth is one half of the dynamic duo, also known as The Two Writing Teachers. Both ladies are a frequent source of writing expertise and stimulation for me. Thank you Ruth for sparking my Spring Greeting.

Hello bikes
Hello neighbors
Hello bubbles blowing in the breeze
Hello golfers
And the chirping birds
Hello t-shirts
Hello tulips
Hello hopscotch
And hello earthworms
Hello spring coat
And hello fishing boat
Hello polished toes
And hello sunshine on my nose
Hello budding trees
And hello knees
Hello early flowers
And hello April showers
Sprinkling the soil
Hello baseball
And bugs that crawl
Hello Spring!


  1. Theresa, this is so clever! Are you going to share this with your class? I bet they'd like to use this mentor text!

    1. Sue, I thought I would share this tomorrow on the first day of spring that will feel a bit more like summer! There really is a trail of mentor texts to share. I will need to find a copy of Goodnight Moon in the morning. Our copy is tucked away to read with grandchildren...not yet!
      ~ Theresa

  2. Thanks for the nod. Your "Hello Spring" makes me smile...I love the tiny details filling it up.

    1. Ruth,
      This was a fun one to try! I am a bit obsessed about the weather these days. SPRING FEVER!

  3. Love this idea! So glad you tried it.

  4. May I share this with my sixth graders? Given our crazy winter weather lately, perhaps we should write a goodbye winter poem! My favorite lines - "Hello polished toes
    And hello sunshine on my nose."

    1. Ramona,
      Thank you for visiting. Of course you may share it with your students along with credit to my mentor texts too! Happy spring! ~ Theresa