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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Nights ~SOLS 16

For several years now Friday nights are traditionally a night out for my husband and I, and anyone who wants to join us. Often times are daughter and her husband. Tonight we hit the jackpot! Our other daughter is here for the weekend, so her and her boyfriend met us. Our best friends and their daughter and son-in-law made it too.
            My favorite part of going out to dinner is the before dinnertime. The whole night lies ahead.  I don’t even mind a little wait, especially when the weather is nice. It was almost nice enough tonight. (We are having crazy thirty degrees above normal weather in western New York.) Our table for ten was ready tonight right away, but thankfully the before dinnertime we enjoyed a leisurely stretch of catching up time and a few appetizers, or course.
            Why do I love going out to dinner so much? A good meal cooked, served, and cleaned up by someone else is always a treat. However, what makes it truly special for me is the complete focus on the people that gather. Whether it’s a table for two or ten, I treasure these times to reconnect and remember.  TGIF!


  1. I hear you! We went out tonight and waited a long time at the table for our food, but I enjoyed that time visiting. It's just so nice. Plus, the food was fabulous too.

  2. Oh yes - someone else to clean up the kitchen and time to just chat and enjoy

  3. Loved this line, "We enjoyed a leisurely stretch of catching up time." Makes me remember how eating a meal with loved ones is a time to treasure and enjoy.