If you want to teach me to write, first you have to love me. ~AVI

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Morning Buzz

         My post tonight is going to be oh so brief. There was a buzz of enthusiasm as students arrived this morning eager to tell me about their weekend writing experiences. I too felt refreshed and was anxious to help my writers generate some fresh ideas.  Today was a much better day following a Friday of frustration. Therefore, tonight I am sailing on the winds of their renewed interest and nourishing their writing souls with some timely feedback.   
Let me also say that my spirits were lifted this weekend at each blog I visited. Thank you for all the words of wisdom. March is shaping up to be a therapeutic month for me. Now if I could settle down and get a decent night’s sleep.  


  1. Theresa, you are your students' biggest motivator! I can't wait to read some of their slices. New stuff for the hall board?

  2. That is great that you are inspiring your students to write.

  3. I'm always reminded in March how stories are therapeutic. Thanks for jotting a few words tonight.